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Fayette Aquatic Center

June 16, 2015

The Fayette Aquatic Center is a great place to cool off and enjoy the summer days. As a family place for daytime activities and evening parties, the Fayette Aquatic Center provides a relaxed environment to enjoy water activities. There are expanses designed for every age from just sunbathing in the pool chairs to jumping off the diving board or coming out the chute. The Center was developed with the safety of children in mind with an area for very small children separated from the pool and slide areas.

A splash pad is open to the smallest while the pool area has slides; a short slide for smaller children and long wild-twisting-fast slides for the larger. There is even a gentle relaxing-slow floating lazy river with plenty of inner tubes.

The smallest children can safely enjoy the splash pad with it’s spray ground while allowing them to be easily monitored by parents.

The pool area has space designated as a small children wading zone that can be walked into. It has a suitable short slide for an exciting, but not too wild, ride. A lifeguard is positioned on the platform above and at the exit of the slide to make sure everyone is well attended.

The main pool area is partitioned by safety ropes with lifeguards in the water and walking about the deck. The depth ranges from 3 feet in the shallow areas to 8 feet at its deepest nearing the diving board. From looking at the pictures you can see the curves and twists of the red and blue slides before they empty out near water level while the yellow chute has a 5 foot drop into the water pool.

And the Lazy River provides an easy-going way to enjoy your day without all the energy of the other areas.

The evenings are reserved for parties when your family or group can enjoy a quieter time as the sun goes down. Reservations are needed since this is a popular feature of the Aquatic Center.

So if you are just lounging and sunbathing, barefooting it around the pool or splashing in the water, Fayette Aquatic Center has an enjoyable time waiting for you. For an introduction of the fun to be had, please watch the video below.

Fayette Aquatic Center Video

You can also discover more information about the Aquatic Center at the Website or on Facebook.

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Last modified: June 17, 2015

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