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Aquatic Center Is Open — and Cool, Really Cool

Welcome to Fayette

City With Opportunity


Fayette is a town where people have always found opportunity waiting to be fulfilled.


From its beginning as one of the earliest towns in northwest Alabama, industrious citizens have captured the future with their visions and dreams. Across many fields of endeavor Fayette has been the starting point for people with great ideas, energy and expectations for tomorrow. A small rural town might not be expected to provide an environment for innovation or acceptance of changing economic trends, but our city has initiated many new products and embraced the evolving business world.


City government works closely with the local community college to provide employee training and programs for several companies that supply the region, nation and world with products in a variety of fields.


There is Opportunity for You in Fayette! You will be surprised at what you can achieve here.

Things To Do

Civic Center

For additional information on events at the Civic Center or to host an event at the Civic Center, please contact Glenda Robertson at 205-932-8727.

Multi-Purpose Building

Tractor Pull

July 9 – 10


Goat Show

Sept 17 – 18


Fayette County Fair

October 5 – 8

Public Announcement

City Hall Closed

          City Hall will be closed on             Monday July 4.

Back to School Tax Holiday

Fayette is participating in the Back-to-School Holiday July 15 – 17.


See Exempt Items Here

Summer Reading at the Library

Miss Jessica has created another great summer program for everyone .  Find your event here 

       Summer Reading 2022 Calendar


Other Holiday Closings coming up:


July 4 – Independence Day – Monday

Sept 5 – Labor Day – Monday

Business   News

Spotlight on Business

West Alabama Bank is a strong, growing commercial bank that is nestled right here in our community.


A growing bank, yes – however they continue to emphasize their commitment to quality service and to our community. Founded in 1944 as the Bank of Reform, WAB has grown to assets of more than 781 million with fourteen full-service offices in nine West Alabama counties. Their commitment to West Alabama means they can be more responsive to people and businesses – since they  make decisions right here, and make them quickly.


As a local bank, they have nurtured communities for over 75 years, helping families, supporting businesses, looking out for our neighbors and planting roots for a brighter future. Communities grow stronger when we all come together in support of each other. That is why they champion the countless organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives. If it helps our community, they want to be a part of it. 


If you call West Alabama home, our history is theirs too. They have been the hometown bank for  West Alabama for 75 years as they help people, businesses and communities grow better and stronger each day.  

See and Do...


Fayette has a variety of things to see and do during your visit.

  • Aquatic Center – The largest water park in this part of the state with 3 slides descending from a 35 foot tower, a lazy river for floaters, a shallow wading pool for the less venturesome and a splash pad for those who only want to get a little wet. Recliners for tanning and table for picnicking make this a great family place.
  • Art Museum – With over 4,000 pieces from national known artists there is a lot to see.
  • Sipsey Arts Alliance – Area art and craft workers have made their works available for viewing and purchase.
  • Train Depot – Local history is on view at the Train Depot. Call City Hall to make an appointment to enter.
  • For information please call City Hall at 205-932-5367

A Word from our Mayor

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of my hometown.


Growing up in Fayette during a time of growth and initiative I know the citizens of our town have the heart to continue the progressive actions that have always characterized our town. Our history of is one of people with the vision and daring to achieve outsized goals for a town our size.


There are may things we can do together to continue providing the environment of opportunity Fayette has always enjoyed.


Please join me, the Council and others of our community as we strive to make Fayette an even better place to live, work and play.


Best regards,
Mayor Rod Northam

Beginnings since 1821

City of Fayette

203 Temple Avenue N.

Fayette, AL 35555

Phone: 205-932-5367

Fax: 205-932-5788

email: cityhall@fayetteal.org

Contact Numbers

If Emergency, please call 911

Police: 205-932 5312

Fire: 205-932-5311

Gas: 205-932-5269   After Hours: 205-270-0088

Water: 205-932-5311

For all other departments, please click here.