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Upcoming Events

Loomis Circus


Loomis Brothers Circus will be at the Fayette County Multi-Purpose Complex on Thursday Feb 4. Showtimes will be 4:30 and 7:30 PM.

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City Council will meet in City Hall at 5 PM on Tuesday January 26. Public is invited to attend.

Things to see and do on your visit!

Fayette has a variety of things to do and see during your visit.

  • Aquatic Center – Fayette is home to the largest water park between Birmingham and Memphis with nearly 5,400 square feet of water surface. There are 3 slides descending from a 35 foot tower, a lazy river for floaters, a shallow wading pool for the less venturesome and a splash pad for those who only want to get a little wet. Recliners for tanning and table for picnicking make this a great family place.
  • Art Museum
  • Sipsey Art Alliance
  • Train Depot


A Word from Our Mayor

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the people of my hometown.

Growing up in Fayette during a time of growth and initiative I know the

citizens of our town have the heart to continue the progressive actions

that have always characterized our town. Our history of is one of people

with the vision and daring to achieve outsized goals for a town our size.

There are may things we can do together to continue providing the

environment of opportunity Fayette has always enjoyed.

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Best regards,
Mayor Rod Northam

Beginning since 1821

City of Fayette

203 Temple Avenue N.

Fayette, AL 35555

Phone: 205-932-5867

Fax: 205-932-5788

email: cityhall@fayetteal.org


Contact Numbers

If Emergency, please call 911

Police: 205-9325312

Fire: 205-932-5311

Gas: 205-932-5269   After Hours: 205-270-0088

Water: 205-932-5311

For all other departments, please click here.

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