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City of Fayette


203 Temple Avenue North
Fayette, AL 35555


Phone 205-932-5367

Hours: Monday – Friday   8 am – 4 pm

Planning and Zoning Commissions


The Planning and Zoning Commissions facilitate city growth and coordinate property use in a manner that benefits and protects citizens and businesses.

The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide a guide for the long term physical development of the City of Fayette, including the immediate environs outside the City. The City Planning Commission conducts business on an irregular schedule  since the completion of the Comprehensive Community Master Plan under which the city is now acting.


The plan provides guidance for land use, community design and zoning, recommendations for capital improvements in transportation and infrastructure, proposed community facilities and services, protection of natural resources, historic and cultural resources and, finally, recommendations for economic development and fiscal improvements that will result in continued and enhanced sustainable development of the City.


The Planning Commission consisted of the following members:

Jimmy Ayres, Chairman
Jacalynn Killion, Vice Chair
Larry Humber
Felix Caine
Stevie Sparks
Robert Avant
Jason Cowart, Council Member
Rod Northam, Mayor


You can read the Master Plan here.


The Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of five members.


Dr. Gene Deal – Chairman
Dr. Bruce Perry
Mike Newman
Kelly Grocholski
Scotty Walker


Zoning Ordinances and Map for Fayette

The following links will display the ordinances regulating the zoning of the city and a detailed map view.


This will display the Fayette Zoning Ordinance.


This will display the  Fayette Zoning Map.


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City of Fayette

203 Temple Avenue N.

Fayette, AL 35555

Phone: 205-932-5367

Fax: 205-932-5788

email: cityhall@fayetteal.org