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C3 of Northwest Alabama


4020 U S Highway 43
Guin, AL 35563


Telephone (205) 468-3213
Toll Free   1-800-399-7205


E-mail:   Tom Wisemiller    Jamie Christian

C3 of Northwest Alabama is a cooperative marketing effort of the cities and three counties, Fayette, Marion and Lamar, in Northwest Alabama. Created in 2010, it acts as an economic development alliance to facilitate the creation of jobs by new and existing companies. C3 acts as a confidential assistant to provide help in locating property, buildings and resources plus information about laws and legal requirements, and other assistance as needed. This service is provided at no cost or obligation.


For more information, please visit their website at C3 of Northwest Alabama

Beginnings since 1821

City of Fayette

203 Temple Avenue N.

Fayette, AL 35555

Phone: 205-932-5367

Fax: 205-932-5788

email: cityhall@fayetteal.org