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The community leaders of 1960 saw the desirability for an organization that would promote the interests of the citizens of Fayette and the surrounding area through increased business activity. From this desire came the formation of the Fayette Area Chamber of Commerce.


Over the years the Chamber has been a catalyst for initiating many programs and activities that have led to the betterment of the city. Many current activities not generally thought of as being associated with the Chamber would not exist without it. When not being the lead promoter for events such as Frog Level, it is often engaged in many activities behind the scenes. It prompts, encourages and helps coordinate such public activities as Fayette Arts Festival, the Christmas Parade, Joey Day, Job Fairs and Career Day for high school students at Bevill, DHR School Supplies, DARE, West Alabama Youth Leadership and Children Advocacy and other undertakings. At some point the Chamber touches almost everyone.


The Chamber is an assumed and expected contact point by outside parties looking for information about the Fayette Area. It is a “Go To” entity uniquely positioned to be actively involved in promoting the advantages of our town to prospective businesses, industries and even tourists. The very presence of the Chamber creates a sense of confidence the city of Fayette and its citizens are actively involved in the business world of the day.


As a membership supported organization, it is sustained by individuals, local businesses owners and executives who believe strongly in the possibilities to be accomplished in this area and the future of the City of Fayette. The Chamber works with businesses, the educational system and other interested parties to provide a host of programs and services designed to help entities of all sizes grow, prosper and fulfill the possibilities.


While all activities of the Chamber aren’t always noticed and don’t directly impact each business in the city, the absence of services provided by the Chamber would severely hamper the ability of many business to function and survive, which would lead to the loss of others. Let’s keep Fayette the town of dreams, possibilities and beginnings it has always been.


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