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Robert Avant Outstanding ACE Local Coordinator

October 20, 2015

Robert Avant was recognized October 6, 2015 as an Outstanding ACE Local Coordinator at the Alabama Community Leadership Network (ACLN) Conference Award Luncheon meeting in Auburn. This acknowledgment of his dedication to the development, prosperity and well-being of his home town has come after several years of working on its behalf in multiple capacities. He can often be found working at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and various committees developing ways to make Fayette a better place to live.

His service to the City of Fayette and its citizens is an excellent example of community mindedness and leadership and the joy to be received from it. The commitment and dedication he has exhibited has been a great asset to our town as he has spent many hours enriching Fayette and making it a better place for everyone. We have all benefited by having him in our midst and congratulate him on this award that is well deserved.


Thank you, Robert Avant, for making Fayette your home and being a blessing to it.

Last modified: November 2, 2015

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