New Business

New Business that have recently opened in Fayette.


Law Office of Ebony W Rodgers, LLC

202 3rd Street NE
Fayette, AL 35555

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00

Legal services provided but are not limited to Family Estate Planning, Divorce, Probate Law, Child Support, Child Custody and Juvenile Law.

We provide Notary Services in our office and have a mobile Notary. We also have an in-house Process Server.

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a national, evidence-based program currently serving 42 states.

My name is Sarah Hollingsworth, I work for Nurse Family Partnership and I am the Fayette County Nurse Home Visitor. We are a brand new program in Fayette County. We provide in home nursing visits to pregnant moms and these visits continue until the baby’s second birthday. We do physical nursing assessments on mom and baby and also help the moms set goals and support them in achieving them. NFP is a voluntary, completely free program for low income mothers (eligible for Medicaid.) Our goal is to work with the mothers and provide the support and community resources necessary to help them be the best mom possible to their baby.

This program has been used nationwide for over 40 years and has shown improved maternal and child outcomes, decreased incidents of child abuse and neglect and improved economic status. As an example, the Jefferson County NFP has been around for about 20 months and has a lower preterm birth rate (9.9%) compared to the county average (12%) and 98% of the mothers in the program are employed or in school at program completion.

I am looking forward to working in Fayette County and would love to provide you with more information on our program. You can learn more about us at the following links.

For more information please contact Candace Knight at 205 597-3741 or
Our website is

Thank you,
Sarah Hollingsworth, RN