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Public Service Announcements for Citizens of Fayette

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It is Mosquito season again. They are not only a nuisance with their bites but they also carry diseases that can be harmful and even fatal. Read this brochure from the Alabama Department of Public Health on how to keep them from becoming a big problem.

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Is Your Meter Accessible?

All of the utility companies in Fayette use meters that play a vital role in the billing process and in providing quality service to their customers. The meter readers gather usage data from their meters every month.

Potential hazards that meter readers must face each day are the obstacles that often block utility meters. Overgrown shrubs and trees, as well as some fences and landscaping, and even family pets can make accurate meter reading a real challenge. Help the utility companies by ensuring that your pets are not a threat to meter readers. Customers can help to alleviate these problems by making sure their meters are accessible. If you are unable to trim the overgrowth surrounding your meter or have questions concerning accessibility, please contact your utility office.

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