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About the Program

Leadership Fayette County, sponsored by the City of Fayette, Fayette Chamber of Commerce, and Fayette Campus of Bevill State Community College, provides existing and emerging leaders with opportunities to enhance their civic knowledge of Fayette, hone their leadership skills, and network with leaders across the community. Past programs have helped participants better understand how our community works, build relationships with the region’s current and future leaders, and has inspired leaders to utilize their talents to serve the community. During Leadership Fayette, participants will learn about how different businesses and services relate to each other, as well as the interrelationships between a variety of local issues.

What Can Leadership Fayette Do For You?

Leadership Fayette County is an ideal program for preparing the leaders of tomorrow. In this nine-month program, participants will gain:

· An in-depth view of community issues

· Personal leadership skills awareness and development

· Access to opportunities for community involvement

· Opportunities to discuss key issues with community leaders

**Applications for the Leadership Fayette County Class of 2017 are now being accepted.

What Is the Time Commitment and Class Format?

Nine sessions will be held between September 2016 and May 2017, from 8:15 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. Local, regional, and state leaders will share their knowledge and perspectives through presentations, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and community improvement activities. Class formats will demonstrate real situations, challenges and opportunities in Fayette City/County, and participants will gain first-hand experience through behind-the-scenes tours of various public and private facilities.

Monthly Session Topics and Dates

Program Introduction/Community Leadership ~ September 29, 2016 (changed from Sept 22)

Health Services/Personality Styles ~ October 20, 2016

Education Services/Team Building ~ November 17, 2016

Arts, Culture, Leisure/Financial Literacy ~ December 16, 2016

County/City Services and Utilities/Leadership Styles ~ January 26, 2017

Public Safety, Security, Criminal Justice/Servant Leadership ~ February 23, 2017

Legislative Process ~ March 23, 2017

Local Business and Economic Development/ Secrets to Successful Business ~ April 20, 2017

Project Presentations and Graduation ~ May 18, 2017


Attendance requirements reflect the commitment necessary to receive a meaningful experience from investment in the Leadership Fayette program. Participants and their employers must be willing to commit the necessary time to fully participate in the program. To graduate, a participant may not miss more than two class sessions and must complete additional enrichment activities to make up any missed time.

Class Project

The class project serves as a central component of the Leadership Fayette experience. The project provides participants with an opportunity to turn concepts into workable projects and problem solving by working in small teams to accomplish a larger mission. The project directly correlates with themes outlined in the Fayette Strategic Plan and is a capstone to the Leadership Fayette class experience.

Enrichment Activities

Beyond the monthly class sessions, periodic optional opportunities will be provided for additional enrichment of leadership and community knowledge. Examples include a day tour to Montgomery to understand the State Legislative process and a day tour of local businesses.

What Is the Selection Process?

The Leadership Fayette County Program is open to leaders and potential leaders of organizations within the Fayette County community. Leadership Fayette considers the following criteria during the process:

Community interest and involvement,
Desire to assume expanded leadership responsibility, and
Class representation of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Application Process Timeline

August 2016: Applications are available at City Hall or here for Participants or here for Students

September 12, 2016: Application submission deadline (5:00 p.m.)

September 16, 2016: Selected finalists contacted

September 18, 2016: Announcement of Class Members

September 29, 2016: Tuition payment due

September 29, 2016: First Class (Changed from Sept 22)


Tuition for Leadership Fayette is $200 and includes all expenses for the (9) nine monthly sessions, breakfast, snacks, lunches, limited transportation, and graduation. Costs of any optional enrichment opportunities, if any, are not included. Tuition must be paid in full or payment arrangements made by September 29, 2016, the first day of class. There are a limited number of scholarships available if financial assistance is needed – Contact the Mayor’s office.

In addition, we will be inviting a limited number of Fayette County school students to participate in the program. If you or your company would be willing to donate $50 – $100, or more, to sponsor a student, please let us know. This money will help defray the costs of supplies, meals, and transportation. Payment is due by the first class date.

How to Submit an Application

Applications may be filled out and printed here –  Participant Application ~~~ Student Application

Completed, signed applications may be submitted in the following ways:

Fax to City Hall 205-932-8788, Attn: Leadership Fayette;

Email a signed, scanned copy to mayor@cyberjoes.org, subject line: LF Application Submission; or

Drop off or mail to Fayette City Hall; 203 Temple Avenue, Fayette, AL 35555, or

Email a signed, scanned copy to brucebeede@gmail.com.

Further Information

Questions or requests for further information about Leadership Fayette should be directed to Bruce Beede – brucebeede@gmail.com or 205-748-0023 or 214-769-2803 (cell).


Curriculum Topics and Schedule for Leadership Fayette County

2016 – 2017

8:15 am to 2:15 pm

The Leadership Fayette program is a “backstage pass” to learn about the various community assets that contribute to the prestigious quality of life that the City and County of Fayette enjoy. The program is designed to contribute to the professional development of current and future leaders of organizations in and around Fayette, and to demonstrate the value that comes from serving as a community leader.

The curriculum for each of the classes over the nine months includes three blocks of training. Block 1 is an education block designed to build understanding of the community and its structure. Block 2 is a personal leadership skills development block. Block 3 is a working session during which participants will work in teams on community improvement projects.

In addition to the ongoing monthly development classes, a variety of “optional” opportunities will be provided to enrich the learning experience of participants. This may include tours of local industry, attendance at specific local elected board meetings, participation in panel discussions for student leader programs, youth mentoring opportunities, engagement in economic development activities, and various arranged volunteer opportunities.

Thursday – September 29, 2016 – PROGRAM INTRODUCTION

Program Welcome and Introduction Overview of program; Introduction of facilitators and class members – Mayor Ray Nelson and Jackie Beede

Block 1: Community Leadership City/County history, Government structure and City services – Mayors of other towns, County elected or appointed leader(s)

This session provides a perspective of Fayette County and its cities’ history along with a “State of the City/County” overview from elected or appointed officials. Participants also gain insights into government and services that contribute to the quality of life in the community.

Block 2 & 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects An introduction to Fayette Strategic Plan and Leadership projects, and selection of projects by five teams – Jackie Beede

Homework: To be sent one week before next class – two personality profile instruments

Thursday – October 20, 2016 – HEALTH SERVICES and/or AGRICULTURE IN & AROUND FAYETTE

Block 1: Health Services (Local health care facilities and services describe their offerings and their challenges) – Fayette Medical Center leader, other medical facility leader, DHR leader, local physician

Presentations by local health care providers to gain a look into patient care and issues affecting health care institutions and treatment. Participants also gain awareness of community agencies that meet the health care needs of the indigent and uninsured; and those facing physical/mental challenges.

Block 2: Understanding Personality Styles: Our Strengths and Weaknesses – Max Weaver & Jackie Beede

Personality Testing and use of the knowledge to become better leaders

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Bruce & Jackie Beede

Homework: 1 – 2 hours of outside work to prepare for next month’s class

Thursday – November 17, 2016 – EDUCATION SERVICES

Block 1: Education Services – (Local education organizations present current offerings and their challenges) – Mr. Jim Burkhalter, Superintendent of Fayette County Schools; Max Weaver – Dean of Fayette Campus Bevill State Community College; Wanda Jackson – Trio Upward Bound director

Visits by representatives from Fayette County School District, Bevill State Community College, and other education entities to explore topics such as curriculum, school finance, technology, community partnerships, future directions, and current educational issues.

Block 2: Team-Building – Team Building Facilitator TBD

Team building program to develop teaming skills that will be practiced during the rest of the program

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Bruce & Jackie Beede

Homework: 1 – 2 hours of outside work to prepare for next month’s class

Friday – December 16, 2016 – ARTS, CULTURE, LEISURE

Block 1: Arts, Culture, Leisure (Presentations about the rich local Arts, Culture, and Leisure opportunities) – Glenda Robertson from the Fayette Civic Center; Chris Champion – Director Aquatic Center and Guthrie Smith Park Manager; County Lake; other leisure opportunity speakers

The session provides participants an awareness of culture and arts in the community as well as the variety of leisure activities available in the area. Discussion about the variety of activities available in the area as well as special challenges and advantages they face.

Block 2: Financial literacy – Financial literacy instructor from UA or UAB (Stephanie Yates) or local financial advisor

This program is designed to increase participants’ understanding of personal and business financial literacy – the ability to understand how money works in the world; from saving it to spending it, investment, understanding invoices, budgeting, and charitable giving.

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Jackie Beede

Homework: 1 – 2 hours of outside work to prepare for next month class

Thursday – January 26, 2017 – COUNTY/CITY SERVICES AND UTILITIES

Block 1: County/City Services and Utilities (Presentations and panel discussion with service deliverers in the community, such as the library, child welfare, Water Authority, USDA Outreach, Animal Shelter, etc.) – Jason Cowart – DHR Director; Jessica Crowe – Fayette County Memorial Library Director; Director of NW Alabama Mental Health; Water Authority; USDA Outreach; Animal Shelter; others as time permits

This session covers topics of concern for the population of Fayette County to assure that services to enhance life are provided to all segments of the population.

Block 2: Leadership Styles and their Effects on the Supervisory Process – Facilitator

This session discusses the styles of leadership and the importance of adapting style in different circumstances

Alternatively –

Block 2: Performance Excellence Framework – Jackie Beede – Malcolm Baldrige Program of the Department of Commerce

This session introduces the US Department of Commerce’s framework for organizational performance excellence, called the Baldrige Framework. This framework includes Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Engagement, Data and Information Management, Human Resource Engagement, and Process Management and Control.

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Bruce & Jackie Beede


Block 1: Public Safety, Security and Criminal Justice (Representatives from Police, Sherriff, Jail, Fire, and the criminal justice system provide an overview of crime prevention, emergency response, and public safety. Perhaps participate in a tour of local facilities)

Block 2: Servant Leadership in Action – Facilitator – Servant Leadership

This session introduces the concept of servant leadership as a leadership style and method of doing business.

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Bruce & Jackie Beede

Thursday – March 23, 2017 – LEGISLATIVE PROCESS

The Legislative Process – Montgomery Trip (March through June)

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session on bus?) – Bruce & Jackie Beede


Local Business and Economic Development Panel [BUSINESS/ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (INTRODUCTION OF CLASS PROJECT) Through presentations and tours, participants gain an understanding of the impact of business and economic development on the city’s budget and quality of life and the challenges facing all businesses.]

Community Improvement Project planning sessions – The session concludes by looking at “The Year in Review” and challenges participants to reflect on their leadership journey and envision their future involvement.

Secrets to a Successful Business (Extraordinary Customer Service, Character-driven decision making, Strategic Visioning, Quality Systems, Engagement, Data Management) – Jackie Beede

Block 3: Community Strategic Leadership Projects (Work Session) – Bruce & Jackie Beede


Graduation Ceremony & Team Project Presentations

The session provides a guide for effective non-profit and civic board membership and includes a nonprofit agency fair.

Further Information

Questions or requests for further information about Leadership Fayette should be directed to Bruce Beede – brucebeede@gmail.com or 205-748-0023 or 214-769-2803 (cell).